When purchasing a pool table from a   "So Called Internet Dealer\Seller"   there are many questions you should ask yourself?

1. DO they have a website or brick and mortar location?  or do they only sell on Craigslist?

2. References from other TRADES PEOPLE regarding their level of work quality?

3. DO they sell on EBAY, what's their Rating?

4. Have they ever had Training?

5. Do they have Machinist Levels or use Carpenter levels?

6. Do they have Insurance?

7. Do they have Safe Moving Equipment ?  Will they damage your home?

8. Do they Guarantee their work?  how long?

9. Do they advertise as " Table cost $4500  selling for $1500?   Don't fall for this

10. Do they provide ALL BILLIARD SERVICES: SNOOKER,CAROM, more ? 

11.  Do they show pic's of tables that aren't even theirs? 

12. Claiming to be in business for a long time but CAN'T prove it?



Our Army of Experienced Pool Table Mechanics Can Assist you in your Purchase, Repair, Move etc.......




This website is here to give guidance to uninformed Customers about Pool Tables.  For more details or questions call your Local Vendor listed on the Contact Page..